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See The Pain Treat The Pain

  • Thermography allows a risk assessment of any body part
  • Thermography aids in the diagnostic application
  • Thermography Monitors Most Types of Treatment
  • Thermography is Non-Invasive
  • Thermography has No Radiation
  • Thermography is Non-Contact
  • Thermography Detects Inflammation
  • Thermography Detects Physiological/Functional Changes

Is Thermal Imaging Regulated?

Surprisingly, NO!

No state or federal regulatory body oversees clinical thermal imaging.


Even though the FDA has approved the practice of thermal breast imaging and breast thermography for human use as an adjunct technology to other standard medical evaluation since 1982, neither is regulated. You have to depend on qualified, educated and trained individuals.

The FDA only “clears” medical imaging devices and software for human use but does not “Approve” any medical imaging devices or software.

MANY Thermal Imaging providers use thermal devices and software that are NOT FDA Cleared.

You have to depend on trusted, qualified and trained professionals.

Active Spine Center, LLC will providing Thermal Imaging for many years to come.

Guidelines for Neuro-Musckuloskeletal Thermography - American Academy of Thermology

Guidelines for Breast Thermography - American Academy of Thermology

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